Affects, Interfaces, Events

DATE March, 2021
DOI 10.22387/IMBAIE

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ISBN 979-8-7295-2452-5
CC BY 4.0
Edited by Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Jette Kofoed, and Jonas Fritsch

This book engages with how affective encounters are shaped and conditioned by interfacial events. Together, the chapters explore the implications of this on a micro-perceptual and macro-relational level through an experimental middling of approaches and examples. While broadly departing from a Spinozist and Deleuzian theoretical foundation, the book weaves together a compelling number of conceptual and empirical trajectories. Always attuned to the implications, modulations and tonalities arising in the readings through art, journalism, bodies, an/archives, data and design, Affects, Interfaces, Events allows for a truly transdisciplinary resonance driven by theory, technology and practice.

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If the study of affect follows the question “What can a body do?”, then this collection offers a followup question that is both necessary and productive: “what can an interface do?” In the essays included within this collection show, interfaces do a lot. Events and bodies are themselves conditioned by and condition the interfaces (digital but also otherwise) that we encounter in any given event on any given scale.

—Casey Boyle, University of Texas-Austin

Ranging across diverse terrain, these essays each reveal generative and creative thinking-feeling with the key concepts as they cluster together, overlap and veer away from one another. Accessible yet illuminating, Affects, Interfaces, Events offers compelling interventions that will interest both newcomers to affect studies and scholars already steeped in the field.

—Michael Richardson, University of New South Wales




Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Jette Kofoed, and Jonas Fritsch (eds). (2021) Affects, Interfaces, Events. Lancaster, PA; Vancouver, BC: Imbricate! Press.
PUBLISHER Imbricate! Press
DATE March, 2021
CITY Lancaster, PA; Vancouver, BC

ISBN 979-8-7295-2452-5
DOI 10.22387/IMBAIE
CC BY 4.0

Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Jette Kofoed, and Jonas Fritsch

Gregory J. Seigworth Jonas Fritsch Anna Munster Andrew Murphie Jette Kofoed Camilla Møhring Reestorff Kristian Møller and Chase Ledin Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen Katrine Annesdatter-Madsen Søren Rasmussen Elizabeth de Freitas and David Rousell Kristine Samson Lone Bertelsen Erin Manning and Brian Massumi