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Everything is a Lab: Doing Ordinary Science

Edited by Mathew Arthur

This volume is a scrapbook and an experiment. It collects the artifacts, written and otherwise, of a year’s worth of public workshops that put science and technology studies and affect studies together. Through zinemaking, collaging, foraging, fermenting, perfuming, and walking together, we do ordinary science from the kitchen table and work to materialize alternative futures. Putting STS and affect together bolsters literacies for how the world is being made and how we might make it differently.


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Affects, Interfaces, Events

Edited by Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Jette Kofoed, and Jonas Fritsch

This book engages with how affective encounters are shaped and conditioned by interfacial events. Together, the chapters explore the implications of this on a micro-perceptual and macro-relational level through an experimental middling of approaches and examples. While broadly departing from a Spinozist and Deleuzian theoretical foundation, the book weaves together a compelling number of conceptual and empirical trajectories. Always attuned to the implications, modulations and tonalities arising in the readings through art, journalism, bodies, an/archives, data and design, Affects, Interfaces, Events allows for a truly transdisciplinary resonance driven by theory, technology and practice.


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Capacious: Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry

Edited by Gregory J. Seigworth, Mathew Arthur, Wendy J. Truran, and Johnny Gainer

Capacious is an open access, peer-reviewed international journal. The journal’s principal aim is to ‘make room’ for a wide diversity of approaches and emerging voices to engage with ongoing conversations in and around affect studies. The journal encourages the fresh perspectives and provocations that younger scholars bring to bear on affect within and across unique and sometimes divergent fields of intellectual endeavor. Our not-so-secret wish is that the essays and subsequent issues will forever remain capacious and rangy: emerging from various disciplines and conceptual [t]angles.