Never simply explicate the explicit and self-evident when you can imbricate the implicit and under-explored.

New Books


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Everything is a Lab: Doing Ordinary Science

Edited by Mathew Arthur

This volume is a scrapbook and an experiment. It collects the artifacts, written and otherwise, of a year’s worth of public workshops that put science and technology studies and affect studies together. Through zinemaking, collaging, foraging, fermenting, perfuming, and walking together, we do ordinary science from the kitchen table and work to materialize alternative futures. Putting STS and affect together bolsters literacies for how the world is being made and how we might make it differently.

Recent Books


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Affects, Interfaces, Events

Edited by Bodil Marie Stavning Thomsen, Jette Kofoed, and Jonas Fritsch

This book engages with how affective encounters are shaped and conditioned by interfacial events. Together, the chapters explore the implications of this on a micro-perceptual and macro-relational level through an experimental middling of approaches and examples. While broadly departing from a Spinozist and Deleuzian theoretical foundation, the book weaves together a compelling number of conceptual and empirical trajectories. Always attuned to the implications, modulations and tonalities arising in the readings through art, journalism, bodies, an/archives, data and design, Affects, Interfaces, Events allows for a truly transdisciplinary resonance driven by theory, technology and practice.

Open Affect

As an open access publisher, like its accomplice Capacious: Journal for Emerging Affect Inquiry, Imbricate! press will always foster and promote rambunctious bloom-spaces for those who study affect over the dulling hum of any specific orthodoxy. All Imbricate! releases are available freely online and for purchase in print. launch

The principal aim of Imbricate! is to create a place in and around affect studies for the generative ‘overlap’ of voices, practices, methods, matters, modes and more. Imbricate! publishes work that gauges how critical/creative practices can bring together discourses, worlds, sensations, sensibilities, and atmospheres that raise questions and perhaps unsettle what counts as ‘fit’ (and ‘unfit’) within and across shifting disciplinary contours.


Imbricate! Press seeks to be a place of publication that lifts up and nestles in amongst those folks (and ideas) that pursue imaginative and expansive configurations of pre-existing patterns of academic exploration. We are interested in books tackling subject areas and presentational formats that are stylistically adventurous and often find conventional publishing models too limiting. mail_outline

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